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Samsung Themes is a global service available in
183 countries around the world. If you wish to share
your design with the world, become a theme designer!

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Request Process

  • Register
    Samsung Account
    Sign up for a Samsung account, if you do not already have one.
  • Apply Partnership
    Complete required information and submit the Request page.
  • Review
    Portfolio review
  • Make Your
    Own Theme!
    Develop a theme using Theme Editor and register it in the Theme Store.

What is Samsung Themes?

With Samsung Themes, you can personalize Galaxy devices’ screens.

We provide Samsung Mobile Theme Editor to lower the barriers to developing themes and encourage global designers to participate in theme development.

Without any coding, you can design a theme by using a combination of your own artwork.

A detailed range of support includes:

  1. Wallpapers

    • Home screen and lock screen wallpapers

  2. Icons

    • Approximately 30 Samsung application icons and a tray for all kinds of icons

  3. Themes

    • Home screen and lock screen wallpapers, and application icons

    • The backgrounds and elements of default applications (Phone, Contacts, Messages, Email, Calculator, Alarm/Clock, etc.)

    • Sounds (Ringtones, Alarm sounds, Touch sounds, Dialpad tones, Keyboard sounds, Device button press sounds, and Delete button press sounds) and some fonts (Number fonts and Clock fonts)

Galaxy S7 Standard UX
Galaxy S7 Standard UX
Examples of the Pink Theme
Examples of the Pink Theme

Samsung Mobile Theme Editor

As an exclusive tool for theme development, Theme Editor helps designers with little or no software development experience to easily make themes.

Main Features of Theme Editor
  1. Provides intuitive usability

    • You can easily change images using the Drag & Drop function.

    • You can immediately check changes after editing via Preview.

    • You can easily check the changes of the device's main applications via the Preview Key Screens menu.

    • You can directly check results from the device via the Apply to Device menu.

  2. Supports a wider range of changes than the existing launchers

    • You can change the images, sounds, and some fonts of 11 pre-installed applications.

  3. Allows designers to conveniently create images

    • Theme Editor provides information about the sizes of images to be replaced so that designers can make themes using images optimized for the device.

    • You can refer to the original images when creating images by downloading them.

  4. Allows you to easily register new themes in the Theme Store

    • You can immediately upload APK files to the Theme Store after they are created in Theme Editor.

Theme Editor Layout
Theme Editor
Theme Editor
  1. Applications that theme designs can be applied to are displayed.

  2. From applications, items that theme designs can be applied to are displayed.

  3. Items that theme designs can be applied to are displayed in detail in the dotted line area.

  4. The edit screen allows you to change the theme images or colors of items.

  5. The Preview screen allows you to view the results after you have edited the theme.

Seller Magazine

Samsung Themes publishes a monthly Samsung Themes Seller magazine to help our theme designers succeed in creating and selling their themes.

Check out our Samsung Themes Seller magazine, packed full of theme development and sales tips, popular themes in different countries, and interviews with outstanding theme designers!

(Click the URL below to see more.)


  • From Galaxy S6 onward, available on models with a display that is at least HD resolution. As of August 2016, the service is available in 183 countries, including 20 countries that provide it as a paid service, and it will gradually be extended.
    (Countries where Samsung Themes is a paid service: Korea, China, Japan, USA, Canada, India, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Poland, Indonesia, and Iran)

  • Themes that are developed using Samsung Mobile Theme Editor can only be sold on Samsung Themes.

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