How to Use AR Emoji as a Game Character


Learn how to use AR Emoji as character of game application or 3D application using Unity Engine.


The Galaxy S10 AR Emoji can transform your face into an animated version of itself before your eyes and is a way to represent and express yourself. Once you have your avatar, your AR Emoji can mirror a wide range of emotions and body movements with advanced facial and body tracking. You can even impose your AR Emoji on top of a photo of yourself and watch it move just like you!

With these basic features, the version of AR Emoji which is available on Galaxy S10 was updated so that 3rd party applications are able to use AR Emoji in their applications like showing AR Emoji as a game character.

Use Case Scenario AR Emoji Images

With this tutorial, we will introduce Unity packages which can help you to use AR Emoji models in your Unity application like games with simple code updates.

The first part of the tutorial will cover how to request and receive AR Emoji from AR Emoji application, plus how to load AR Emoji in your application using Unity Engine. It should not take more than 10 minutes.

The second part will show how to apply animation into the AR Emoji after getting and loading AR Emoji in your application.