To build the sample application, the environment should be downloaded and installed.

  • Unity (LTS Release 2018.4.Xf1, windows version)

  • Editor for editing Unity script (like Visual Studio)

  • Select different values to test how your game will look on monitors with different aspect ratios

    This is set to Free Aspect by default. (Recommended: 1024x2048)

To test the developed application, the following devices are required:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10, S10, 2019 A50/60/70/80

Code Lab Program Organization

In this tutorial, we will show the basic pipeline for creation of app with AR Emoji character with AR Emoji SDK. In order to satisfy the participants with various background knowledge, we separated the Code Lab session into two courses as below. The simple version of Code Lab, participants can experience basic pipeline of AR emoji SDK with loading character model of AR Emoji and rendering on the mobile app. In the Advanced version of Code Lab, we will provide the way of applying custom animation to the AR Emoji character.