Creating a Secure Blockchain App


Learn how to create your own decentralized applications using Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK.


Integrating with new technology like Blockchain is a burden to most developers. For this reason, we offer a way to interwork with Blockchain Keystore SDK with less effort. Developers can easily become a DApp Developer with our Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK.

Decentralized Applications (DApps) that run and store data on the Blockchain network instead of a central server. DApps offer increased security and reliability compared to centralized applications and provides a simple method for in-app payments using cryptocurrency.

Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK is used to obtain account information and sign a transaction to transfer cryptocurrency or execute smart contract execution.

With this tutorial, you can learn how to integrate Blockchain Keystore SDK into your app and how to implement Blockchain basic concepts such as account information and signing transactions.