Open a New Desktop World on PC or MAC


  • Optimize your application and input capabilities with Samsung DeX

  • Provide some features using Samsung DeX Dualmode


Since the Galaxy S8 and S8+ was launched, Samsung Galaxy flagship devices have supported the Samsung DeX feature that extends the functionality of a mobile device into the desktop environment. Developers will learn how to optimize their Android apps for the next-gen Samsung devices with enhanced interaction, desktop mode capability, and an overall amplified in-app experience.

One of the advantages of Samsung DeX is that it does not require any SDKs to launch apps in Samsung DeX. However, apps must support mouse functionality and multi-density. For better UX in Desktop Mode, apps must adhere to a number of Android best practices especially on Android N’s multi-window feature support. Desktop Mode includes all of the advanced, multitasking features built in to the Samsung DeX UI. Finally, developers can make their apps better with some tips that we provide.