Intelligent Video Processing at Scale


We will write and run a full-blown Python image processing application, scaling it using Disco. Each participant will have time to experiment with the platform, learning how to run compute-intensive jobs and parallelize them with ease.

The participant will also experiment with parallelization platform in a fun yet educating way.


We knew there was something more to the cloud, so we went and built it.

Disco is the next generation of serverless computing. Whether your jobs are periodic or ongoing, you need responsive compute capable of handling your most demanding workloads. Disco scales on-demand to expedite results and reduce the costs related to compute-intensive tasks such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), ETL, Image and Video Processing, Gene Sequencing, and more.

Our mission is to create a simple, secure, scalable computing service based on the following three principles:

  • Optimize Use of Existing Resources

    Why build more data centers and use more energy when we can save Earth’s resources by tapping into the surplus of today’s existing technology?

  • Remove Complexity

    Why complicate data processing when we can provide a simple, intuitive service to expedite the processes you want to execute?

  • Grow Serverless Computing

    Why worry about managing servers and capacity when we can manage everything for you and provide faster results?