Kiosk Mode


You will learn:

  • How to customize the device Settings, system operation, and available apps

  • How to design a UI to guide users through your app

  • What the code structure and workflow of the Samsung Knox SDK is

  • All the customizations possible to develop powerful enterprise apps


App Overview

You have likely already encountered a purpose-built device. For example, on an airplane with a monitor to watch videos or play games, at a mall providing an interactive directory to find different shops and restaurants, or in a shop when you pay for a product or service. You can use a Samsung tablet or phone to create a purpose-built device for a wide range of vertical industries.

Simply use the Samsung Knox SDK to build a kiosk app on your device. The app simply locks a device down to either one or a few selected apps. Additionally, you can restrict certain features such as settings changes, improve visual UI elements, add a company boot up animation, and remap hardware keys to tailor the experience to the app.

Tutorial Overview

With this tutorial, you can learn how to install the Samsung Knox SDK to build a simple kiosk mode app.

Kiosk Mode’s main and custom setting screens