SmartThings Device SDK


Learn how to create your own SmartThings device using SmartThings Device SDK C.


The SmartThings Device SDK (STDK) is provided to ease the development of devices which operate with SmartThings Cloud and mobile application. The STDK is small enough to work on resource limited MCU devices.

With this tutorial, you will learn how to create your own IoT device profile at SmartThings cloud and how to implement on your test device.

The tutorial is explained in 3 parts. The first explains how you can register and deploy to test your own IoT device profile in SmartThings using the Developer Workspace. Then, it demonstrates how to create your own IoT device application with SmartThings Device SDK.

The last part shows how to onboard and control instances of your device with SmartThings mobile application and Bixby voice.

The Smart Switch and Smart Lamp are presented as examples. We start with the simpler example, the Smart Switch.