S Pen Remote SDK


Learn how to implement S Pen Remote and handle raw data of S Pen. Modify a Breakout game to control the paddle's position with S Pen.


S Pen Remote SDK allows you to develop application that use S Pen Remote generated events. S Pen includes buttons and motion sensor, and events from these units can be delivered to the application via the S Pen Framework. Simple gestures such as Button click, Swipe 4-direction and Circle, can be easily recognized by defining RemoteActions XML. But to implement a more powerful application using the raw data of units, you must use the S Pen Remote SDK.

Supported Features

The S Pen Remote SDK provides functions to identify motion coordinates and verifying if the side button is pressed for your application.

S Pen Remote SDK supports the following detailed features:

  • checking if the side button is pressed or released.

  • identifying motion coordinates

    • two-dimensional device movement

    • relative values of the current position from the previous position

    • a positive value for the x-coordinates means to move right

    • a positive value for the y-coordinates means to move up

    • value range : -1.0 ~ 1.0

      Figure 1: Samsung Smart Device and Accessories