Adding animationsENKRCN

PNG sequences

Put your own spin on a watch face

Step 1. Create an animation source

Create your own PNG sequence animation with a design program like Adobe Flash or Premier.

Step 2. Load Animation

Click on Animation on the Component Bar to add animation files to the Galaxy Watch Designer.

Click1Select Animation to open the Import Animation popup.

Click2Select Yes to open the file browser.

Step 3. Create an Animation

From the file browser, select all .png files to be created as an animation, and click Open to create a new layer in the animation form.

Step 4. Change the Animation conditions

The PNG images will be added as individual layers in an ordered timeline. You can edit the animations by changing the order of each of them, or by changing the length of time a frame displays for.

Drag all or multi select 3Select the files you want to include in the PNG sequence.

click 4Click Open to import the sequence as an animation.

Step 5. Play

Run the animation to see it in action