Trial periodsENKRCN

Trial periods let users try out your watch face for free before they buy it.

Adding complications 1

*To add a free trial period to your watch face, you’ll need to change a few settings first.

Adding complications 1

Step 1. Edit the In App Purchase settings

1. Click the In App Purchase settings button on the toolbar.
2. Select Enable In App Purchase.
3. Select what happens when a trial expires in the Options menu.
4. Set the duration of the trial period (at least 1 minute).
5. Click OK.

Step 2. Edit the IAP Test settings

1. Change the IAP Test mode to Commercial, then upload your watch face to Galaxy Apps.

* If you’re selling your watch face in Galaxy Apps, you’ll need to add some additional info about the trial period before it becomes available for sale. For more details, see the Uploading section.