Release Note Aug 23, 2018


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    August 23, 2018

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    Release Contents
    SDK Libraries Provides the Samsung Accessory SDK libraries.
    Sample Provides sample applications.
    Documents API References For more information about Accessory, see the API Reference
    Programming Guides The programming guide includes an overview, sample applications, and feature descriptions.

Resolved Issues

Change History

    • Fixed minor bugs in SDK and Sample codes.

    • SAAgentV2 is added to avoid background execution limits in Android 8.0(Oreo).

      • SAAgentV2 has same functionalities with SAAgent
      • New methods and callback class are added for getting instance of SAAgentV2
      • Please refer to the programming guide to implement SAAgentV2 or migrate SAAgent to SAAgentV2
    • Deprecated APIs are removed following the previous notice.

      • SAAgent.onError(String, int)
      • SAAgent.onFindPeerAgentResponse(SAPeerAgent, int)
      • SAAgent.onPeerAgentUpdated(SAPeerAgent, int)
      • SAAgent.onServiceConnectionResponse(SASocket, int)
    • Updated Android sample applications.

    • Enable using startForeground in SAAgent to upgrade for Android API 26.

    • Added logic for gathering usages of SDK.

    • Enabled to start Sub-class of SAAgent.

    • Removed unused codes.

    • Fixed minor bugs.

    • Enhanced stability on Android 7.0.

    • Updated the log for error code to obtain detailed information.

    • Fixed minor bugs.

    • Support for Accessory Message which enables to send or receive a message without Service Connection between peer devices.

    • Added several new APIs for supporting Accessory Message.

      • Added new SAMessage class and additional APIs
      • Updated Programming guide
      • Updated API reference
      • Added new Sample application
      • Refer to Programming guide, API reference and Sample application in more detail
    • Fixed minor bugs.

    • Update Programming guide descriptions

      • Add class diagram for service profile APIs
      • Remove unnecessary images & descriptions
    • Update API reference descriptions

      • Remove unnecessary descriptions for service profile APIs
    • Added several new APIs for getting service profile information

      • SAAgent.getServiceChannelId()
      • SAAgent.getServiceChannelSize()
      • SAAgent.getServiceProfileId()
      • SAAgent.getServiceProfileName()
    • Fixed minor bugs.

    • Fixed minor bugs.

    • Support content URI based file transfer.

    • Fixed minor bugs.

    • Modified sample applications for multiple Peer Agents.

    • Added constants for actions.

    • Added error constant for binding failure.

      • SAFileTransfer.ERROR_FATAL
    • Support in sending files or folders regardless its location whether public or private folder.

    • Support for the Android phones, not limited to Samsung.
      * Supported devices vary depending on your region, operator and device brand.

    • Replaced sample provider applications with applications utilized in GEAR.

    • Added two more sample applications.

    • New intent actions will be required when you initialize Accessory and Accessory File Transfer. Refer to the programming guide for more information.

    • Introduced several new APIs supporting file transfer.

      • SAFileTransfer.cancelAll()
      • SAFileTransfer.EventListener.onCancelAllCompleted()
      • SAFileTransfer.close()
    • Added several new APIs for supporting multiple peers properly.

      • SAAgent.onFindPeerAgentsResponse()
      • SAAgent.onPeerAgentsUpdated()

    Can get a compilation error (unimplemented methods) unless methods are implemented or overridden.

    • Merged accessory file transfer library into accessory library.

    • Fixed Android 5.0 explicit intent exception issue.

    • Replaced Gallery sample application as linked type.

    • This version has been released with enhanced stability and better performance.

    • Fixed inconsistent synchronization issue.

    • Fixed unmarshalling error in service connection indication from old framework.

    • Added more arguments into the APIs below and a new API for supporting multiple devices properly.

      • SAAgent.onServiceConnecionResponse()
      • SAAgent.onError()
      • SAPeerAccessory.getAccessoryId()
    • Added error constants for Permission

    • The Accessory is separated from Samsung Mobile SDK to make an efficient environment application development.

    • New permission will be required when you initialize Accessory and Accessory File Transfer. Refer to the programming guide for more information.


  • Accessory

    • Controls the smart device remotely (for example, controlling music volume).
    • Provides notification relay or alarm.
    • Locates the smart device.
    • Provides the interface to enable any application’s features between the smart device and the accessory device.
  • Accessory File Transfer

    • Transfers files using Samsung Accessory Service Framework