Developer Mode

Samsung Health has a developer mode for testing the app before the partner app approval. The Samsung Health’s developer mode is not activated by default. You can activate it with the following steps:

  1. 1) Select the action overflow of Samsung Health on the top-right side.

  2. 2) Find Settings > About Samsung Health in the action list.

  3. 3) Tap the version region quickly 10 times or more.
    The exact region, illustrated in the red and blue box in the figure below needs to be tapped.

  4. 4) If it succeeds, "*(Developer Mode)*" is shown in front of the version and it means the developer mode is activated. Now you can test your app with Samsung Health.

The following figure shows how to turn on or off the developer mode in Samsung Health. If you tap the version region quickly for 10 times in the developer mode as the right figure, the developer mode is deactivated.

Figure: Samsung Health’s developer mode on/off