Development Process

After checking prerequisites and downloading the SDK, you’re ready to create your application through the following steps.

Checking Samsung Health's Trackers

Samsung Health has useful trackers like Running or Cycling. Health Service is related deeply to the Samsung Health’s tracker feature. Find Samsung Health > Manage items:

  • Use each Samsung Health' tracker.

  • Check the tracker operation.

  • Find a similar existing Samsung Health tracker before defining a new tracker for your app.


Existing Samsung Health trackers need to be considered first before creating an app's tracker. If the app's tracker is duplicated with Samsung Health's existing tracker, the app may be rejected as the partner app.

Creating an Application

Create your app with the SDK. Hello Tracker shows how to use the Health Service.

Data Synchronization with Samsung Health

Health data synchronization with Samsung Health is essential to use the SDK. The SDK supports useful data types.

If your desired data type for your app, you can read Samsung Health‘s data or write your app's data to Samsung Health through the SDK's Health Data. An app that defines its own tracker without data synchronization can be rejected as Samsung Health's partner apps. See more Health Data documents.

Testing Your Application

The app that uses the SDK works with Samsung Health after the partner app approval. It needs to be tested fully before applying for the partner app. The SDK provides the following environments.

  • Samsung Health‘s developer mode.

  • Checklist for Samsung Health's partner app.


Samsung Health SDK doesn’t support the Emulator test. Android 6.0 Marshmallow (API level 23) device or above is required to test your app.

Samsung Health's Developer Mode

If your app is not the Samsung Health’s partner, it runs only under the developer mode of Samsung Health. See Developer mode for more information.

Checklist for Samsung Health's Partner App

Samsung Health SDK provides a checklist that includes basic test items for the app test. Download it here and check your app before applying for partner app on the developer site. It helps you save time on the Samsung Health registration process.

Requesting for Partner App

The application will work properly with Samsung Health after the partner app approval. The Samsung Health team checks the app's violations and registers your app as a partner because health data is closely connected to the privacy issue.

You can request for the partner application on the developer site.

Publishing Your Application

If your app is approved as a Samsung Health’s partner, package and publish your app on the application market such as Google Play.