Samsung Health Device SDK

Samsung Health provides a feature that allows users to discover compatible health devices. To enable data sync from your health device to Samsung Health, please Apply for the Partner Device Program. An approved health device is displayed in Samsung Health > Discovery > Accessories.

Apply for
Partner Accessory
  • SDK
    Download SDK’s specs and tools.
  • Health Device
    Implement your device based on Samsung Health Device SDK’s specs.
  • Self–test
    Test your device with the test apps and
    verification tool before applying for Partner Device Program.
  • Apply for
    Submit the application form.
    Please contact first if you need NDA.
  • Send Your
    Send your device to Samsung Health for its review. Please understand that the delivered device would not return.
  • Partner
    It takes approximately 1 month to verify your device after receiving your device.
  • Get Featured
    on Samsung
    The approved device will be displayed in the upcoming Samsung Health’s Accessories page.

Many health devices are Bluetooth enabled and this is the primary method of interfacing with Samsung Health.

The Samsung Health Device SDK defines Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) compatible guidelines and Samsung Health specifications based on Bluetooth Generic Attributes (GATT), including service structure, to connect with Samsung Health.

BLE compatible guidelines include the data communication flows defined in BLE standard specs that Samsung Health requires. Through a wide variety of compatible health devices, users can sync data related to blood glucose levels, blood pressure, heart rate, and weight with Samsung Health.

Additionally, Samsung Health provides data flows and specifications for forthcoming supported services including pedometers and exercise and sleep monitors, which are not covered in standard BLE specs. These standards are set forth in a familiar structure to standard BLE standard specs, allowing device venders to easily adapt to the specifications.

Samsung Health provides an easy interface to connect BLE health devices as well as manage health data from these health devices. As a Samsung Health partner, implementing Samsung Health Device SDK data specs, enables your BLE health device to be displayed in Samsung Health > Accessories and to utilize Samsung Health’s ecosystem.

Users will be able to measure and record their health history and enhance their experience by taking advantage of the many services provided through Samsung Health.

Upon approval, partners can use the “Compatible with Samsung Health” seal on their devices or packaging.

Figure 1: Samsung Health’s Device SDK