How to Get Started with Samsung In-App Purchase May 24, 2018


This document describes how to get started with Samsung In-App Purchase for successfully integrating Samsung In-App Purchase into your applications. Read this document thoroughly to reduce mistakes in the development process.

Figure 1: Samsung In-App Purchase Service Architecture
  • Develop your application
    using SDK
    Download Samsung In-App Purchase SDK and integrate it into your application.
  • Request
    Commercial Seller Status
    Join as a Samsung Galaxy Store Seller Office. In order to charge for your application or in-app item, you first need to request commercial seller status and register your payment information.
  • Register
    your application
    Upload your binary file to Samsung Galaxy Store Seller Office. You can add in-app items only after you register a binary to which Samsung In-App Purchase is applied.
  • Add in-app items
    to your application
    Add in-app items and register item-related information: Item ID, Item Title, Item Type, Price, etc.

See attached pdf file for more information.