Subscription In-App Item Guide

This guide explains key features of subscription in-app items, and how to register them to your apps that integrate Samsung IAP functionality.


Your apps that integrate Samsung In-App Purchase APIs can offer Automatically Repeating Subscription (ARS) in-app items that:

  • Can be any type of content (such as a magazine, e-zine, app game boards)

  • Multiple items can have the same content, but with different prices and/or subscription periods for promotion or other purposes.

  • Can be offered through your app and purchased by app users

  • Can be offered through your app and purchased by app users

  • Subscription renewals occur on the same day of the week, month, or year as the day of purchase.

  • Can optionally have one free trial period (7 to 999 days) with an initial purchase price of zero. Subscription periods with auto-payments begin after the free trial.

  • Can optionally have with a lower-tier purchase price and lower-tier price subscription periods (any reasonable price below the regular price for 1 to 100 subscription periods). After the lowerprice periods end, regular-price periods automatically begin.

  • Must have regular-tier price periods (any reasonable price).
    If an item does not have a free trial or lower-tier pricing, the item has a regular-tier purchase price.

  • Can optionally be available for purchase during a fixed time period only (for example, to run a limited promotion of an item), which can have special promotional lower and regular prices, and a free trial. An app can get details about the item only during the available time period. If a fixed-time availability period is not set, the item will be available to app users until it becomes inactive or you unregister it.
    Note: App users who purchase the limited-availability item can continue to use the item – even after the item is no longer available for purchase.

  • Are automatically paid for and renewed at the end of each lower- or regular tier period until the app user cancels their subscription.

  • At any time after purchase, app users can cancel their subscription in Galaxy Store by navigating to My apps > Receipts > Items tab> Select purchased item and clicking Unsubscribe.

  • After an app user cancels a subscription item, they can purchase the item again.
    However, the item’s free trial and lower-price do not apply to repurchases.