Programming Guide Feb 25, 2016

PEN.UP is a creative social network service dedicated to digital arts. Users can share their own artworks as artists, follow other artists, comment on their artworks, and collect favorite artworks.

The PEN.UP environment is attractive, which expands the user experience from their own resources up to the PEN.UP community’s resources. The Android SDK for PEN.UP is released to help developers create applications that benefit from the PEN.UP services. It enables your application to post artworks and access the PEN.UP resources. Artworks posted via applications that use the PEN.UP SDK have deep linking information to link to the application page in Google Play to show an application overview and download it. The number of the application downloads will increase if artworks posted via your application are brilliant and they draw people toward your application with deep linking.

A glossary for the PEN.UP SDK for Android is listed up in the following table.

Term Description
PEN.UP application An Android application for the PEN.UP service
PEN.UP library A library in the PEN.UP SDK. It provides APIs for using PEN.UP functionalities.
PEN.UP server A server that handles authorization and requests for the PEN.UP service
PEN.UP service A social network service based on digital arts of user own
Table 1: Glossary

See attached programming guide pdf file for more information.