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Samsung Printing Smart UX SDK (Smart UX SDK) is an Android™ based Samsung SDK
for the MultiXpress and ProXpress line of MFPs (Multi-Functional Printers).


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Why Use Smart UX SDK?

Why Use Smart UX SDK?

One of the challenges facing application developers is integrating Printer functionalities, for MFPs, into their applications. There are numerous proprietary protocols and some standard ones, such as Postscript and PCL, available, but do not support all MFP functions. They can also be hard to use. Samsung Printing Smart UX SDK solves these problems by introducing simple and easy to use Android-based APIs, which are extremely simple and easy to use, even for developers with little or no experience with MFPs and Printers.

Who is Interested with Smart UX SDK?

Partners and ISVs
Rapid application development
on the Android Platform
Dealers and Resellers
Rapid custom application
creation for customers
Office Productivity App
Rapid custom application
creation for customers
App Developers
New platform and
possibilities for application
ecosystem. Unique convergence

How to Upload on Samsung Printing App Center?

How to enroll an app

Smart UX Overview

Functionalities of Smart UX SDK

Smart UX SDK lets you integrate intelligent applications from the cloud, services, and solutions with MFP features. For example, you can manipulate a scanned image in an Android application, and the data will be consumed by outside services and solutions. In the same manner, the application can get printable data from an external source, and use the options provided by Smart UX Print API to print the data.

The Smart UX SDK provides the following features:

  • Scanning

  • Printing

  • Copying

  • Faxing

  • Settings UI for Easy Job Submit

  • License Management

  • Device Information

  • Device Settings and Authentication

  • Job Management


Scan a document with different options such as :

  • Color Mode, Document Type, Resolution, Destination, Original Orientation, Single Page Scan and Multi-Page Format

  • Support destinations such as Me or Email


Print a document with different sources and options including:

  • Copies, Color Mode, Duplex, AutoFit


Fax a document with different options such as:

  • Destination, Color Mode, Resolution, Original Type, Scan Size, Duplex Mode, and Single Page Scan

Settings UI

Provide embedded simple option setting UI for the following services:

  • Scan, Copy, Print, and Fax

License Management

Provide an ability to work with Samsung License Server. It will be used for developing a non-free application which will be hosted in the Printing App Store. License only works by contract with Samsung Printing.

  • License Activation Date, Associated App Information, App Built In Information, License Expiration Date, Allowed Number Of Device, Allowed Number Of Clients, License State, License Type, License Period Of Weeks

  • License Management

Device Information

Get device information:

  • Model Information, Network Information (Domain, Host, IP Address, MAC Address), Tray Information, Toner Information, Counter Information

Card Reader Management

Provide an ability to receive card reader event from HID Card Reader device.

  • Check available HID Card Reader

  • Receive card reader event

Printer Selector for Mobile Context

Provide embedded simple printer selector UI to search and connect printer device from mobile.

Job Management

Dedicated Job Management APIs give complete control or support of the jobs.

  • Allows tracking of submitted jobs, including number of documents scanned, printed, and sending information.

  • Allow management of device event which is paper-jam, empty paper, etc.

  • Allow customized next page confirmation pop-up.

Device Compatibility

  • Devices with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean (API level 17) or higher support Samsung Smart UX SDK

  • Supported only by Samsung Printers below.

  • The signing key of SmartUXServices.apk was changed due to policy change so that SmartUXServices.apk V1.0.0 or V1.0.2 should be erased before update higher version in the device.


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The appeal of Android is its exceptional ease-of-use. It is so intuitive, it just made sense to use it on a printer. We believe it will revolutionize how enterprises and their workforces use and manage their printers and multifunction devices. Operations are simple and intuitive, we can manage everything with the familiarity of our smartphones, both as individual users and the IT professionals.