Developer Program

Join now for development support services and promotional opportunities in publishing your apps in the Galaxy Store.

Galaxy Store

Galaxy Apps is a boutique of expertly curated apps from major brands, as well as games and Themes from exciting indie devs. Developers have the opportunity to create content for new devices and use key Samsung programs to promote and distribute apps, content, and services.

Galaxy Store

Galaxy Store Badges

Put your customers one click away from downloading your Android, Galaxy, and Theme apps with Galaxy Store Badges. By using these badges, designers and developers alike have increase downloads by 7x compared to organic search.

Galaxy Store Promotions

Promote your apps for Android, Galaxy Wearables, and Themes directly in the store for free! Banner promotions can increase downloads by 4x and improve rankings in the Galaxy Apps and Themes stores.

Promotional Requests

Remote Galaxy Store

See how your watch faces, Themes, and apps appear in different Galaxy Stores around the world! Optimize your content for Korea, check your star ratings in Germany, and view the top selling content in the United States, all directly on your browser!

Cloud Device Farm

Remote Test Lab

Don't have a Samsung device to test your app? No problem! Test your apps on the latest Samsung Galaxy devices over the web in our Remote Test Lab.

Test Right Away!

Technical Support

Need development support? Submit a support ticket, and our team of experts will respond to your request within one business day.

Technical Support

Code Lab

With a wide array of topics, these tutorials
are quick, intensive, and easy to understand.