App Testing

Do you want to test your app on a Samsung device but don't have access to one? Using the Remote Test Lab (RTL), remote access to an actual Samsung device is available!

From a supported Java-enabled web browser, log in to your Samsung account, and launch RTL.

Using RTL, you can:

  • Install and test Android (.apk) and Tizen (.tpk and .wgt) files

  • Access devices such as Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, Samsung A, Galaxy/Gear Watch, and Family Hub (additionally, if the device supports S Pen, you can change the input mode to test your S Pen apps)

  • Manage apps

  • Automate tests

  • Share sessions

  • Capture screenshots

  • Record video

  • Monitor and download log information

  • Use the ADB command-line tool

Do you want to view the localized content of your published app or see what the top apps are in another country? Use the Remote Galaxy Store to launch the Galaxy Store in another region or country.

For access to devices released in China, see the Remote Development Test Platform.

Note: Fortnite cannot be installed nor played on these devices.