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Samsung DeX is a new user experience that extends the functionality of your Android device to a PC-like environment. Simply connect your Samsung DeX compatible device to an HDMI monitor with the Samsung DeX Station, DeX Pad or HDMI adaptor and it automatically launches.

This guide explains some of the ways to optimize Android apps to work in Samsung DeX, but by default most of Android applications are compatible with Samsung DeX.


Why build a Samsung DeX compatible app?

Reports show that 74% of IT workers use two or more devices for work, 52% used three or more. This increasing fragmentation causes lost productivity. Samsung solves this problem with Samsung DeX and brings the PC-like experience to Android.

Samsung DeX compatible apps utilize the powerful features offered in Samsung DeX Mode. This robust, multi-tasking environment encourages users – and provides them with the technical capacity – to adopt Android as a primary ecosystem for any task: word-processing, photo-editing, games and more. Apps that are not modified to be compatible with Samsung DeX can still be launched, but operate in a fixed-size window with limited functionality.


Apps in Samsung DeX take advantage of Android N's new Multi-Window features. Users can open multiple apps in the same session to work, connect and interact seamlessly together.


Apps launched in DeX mode can be expanded into a full screen, immersive window. Showcase the full features of an app without the expense of screen real-estate.


Samsung DeX compatible apps add powerful features to the mobile experience. Drag and drop files between windows, copy and paste between multiple apps, ALT+ TAB, and more.


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    Ideally, you should be targeting SDK 24 and above. Apps targeting version 23 and below can still run in Desktop Mode, however, some features may not work correctly.

    If you are not targeting SDK 24 and above, users will receive this message when opening the app in Samsung DeX: "Some functions of this app may not be supported in Samsung DeX.”

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    Unless apps declare that multi-touch or touchscreen are required, they will run in Samsung DeX.

    To run your app in Desktop mode – which features a resizable window – you must follow these key requirements:

      1. Support Multi Density for xxxhdpi (640 dpi) and mdpi (160 dpi).
      2. Support Mouse or trackpad interaction.
      3. Support Android N Multi-Window and explicitly declare android:resizableActivity=”true” in the Manifest.

    For more information, see Modifying your app in the DeX developer guide.


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    Your app might have targeting the wrong targetSDKVersion. Android:resizeableActivity is supported when the targetSDK version is greater than or equal to 24 (Android N). IF targetSDKVesion is under 24, activities are only resizable when the screenOrientation is not set as fixed. Check to make sure you do not have this code in your manifest:

    android:screenOrientation="portrait | landscape">

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    When an app is launched in Samsung DeX, it adopts 1 of 2 different window types:

    1. Desktop mode: Apps that comply with Android N Multi-Window Standards. They operate in Free-Form Multi-Window Mode and can be re-sized accordingly.
    2. Fixed-size Window Mode: Apps that do not comply with Android N Multi-Window standards. They operate only in a fixed mobile dimension and cannot be re-sized.

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    If an app is having issues working with a mouse and keyboard in Samsung DeX, check to make sure they are not explicitly disabled. Ensure these 2 statements are not declared in the Manifest:

    • <uses-configuration android:reqTouchScreen="finger" >
    • <uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.touchscreen" android:required="true">

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Samsung DeX webinar- May 11th

In this 1-hour webinar we will guide you through making your Android app optimized for Samsung DeX as well as the process for building and testing a Samsung DeX compatible app.

SDC 2017 Session: Optimizing Apps for Samsung DeX - Oct 19th

Samsung Developer Conference 2017 Session
Speakers: Jack Ahn, Victor Okunev
Samsung DeX extends the functionality of a mobile device to the desktop environment. Developers will learn how to optimize their Android apps for the next generation of Samsung devices with enhanced services, desktop-mode capabilities, and an overall improved in-app experience. Developers will also learn how to leverage Samsung Knox to add security features to their Samsung DeX apps.

SDC 2017 Session: To DeX or Not to DeX - The Answer Is Obvious - Oct 19th

SDC 2017 Session: To DeX or Not to DeX - The Answer Is Obvious
Speakers: Jack Ahn, Victor Okunev - Samsung, Shahid Hussain - Google, Tony Kueh - VMware, Taewon Yun - Super Evil Megacorp
Smartphones have changed our lives forever, and we strive to push mobile technology beyond just your device screen. Samsung DeX brings a desktop experience to your Android apps. Join us, along with a panel of industry guests, to discuss how DeX can change user experience and answer questions like: What makes a PC a PC? How relevant is the desktop experience in an increasingly mobile world?

[SDC18] Linux on DeX Will Make It Easier for Developers to Code on the Go - Nov 8

The combination of Samsung DeX and the Linux on DeX app adds new levels of flexibility to developers’ work by allowing them to connect their Galaxy device to a monitor using just an HDMI adapter, and instantly enjoy a fuller computing experience when on the go.

Do What Your Phone Can't With Samsung DeX - Nov 10th

Samsung DeX has enabled users to work more efficiently on their mobile device by converting it into a light PC. In addition to sharing updates on how to optimize apps on the latest DeX, this session will include a demo of how Linux on DeX works for developers.