SEED Program


The SEED program will end on January, 2020 because the Samsung Developers Forum will be renewed next year. Thank you for using the SEED program.

Participate in the SEED Program!
As your share your knowledge in the Developers Forum,
you can build a more rich Samsung Developers Library and more SEEDs.

Participate in the SEED Program!

SEED, which stands for SEE Developer, is a program for developers to come see and meet other developers in the forums.
Members who share development information through the Samsung Developer Site and participate actively in the forums are rewarded with SEEDs and level up according to the amount of SEEDs they've earned.

About the Program

SEED Developer
  • Newbie 0 SEED
  • Developer 1,000 SEED
  • Eager Developer 10,000 SEED
  • Expert Developer 15,000 SEED
  • Samsung Developer 30,000 SEED
Activity SEED
Activity SEED
Activity How to earn SEED Me Author
You can earn 10 SEEDs by logging in once a day. +10
Like "Like" the replies you appreciate. The poster will earn 20 SEEDs and you will earn 10 SEEDs. +10 +20
Select the Best Answer. The poster will earn 250 SEEDs and you will earn 200 SEEDs. +200 +250
facebooktwitter Share interesting threads on SNS. You and the original poster will be awarded 30 SEEDs each. +30 +30
New Thread Share your development know-how and ask questions. You can earn 50 SEEDs for starting a thread. An extra 50 SEEDs are awarded for your very first thread. +50
Post Reply Jump into a thread and join the discussion. You can earn 100 SEEDs by writing a reply. An extra 100 SEEDs are awarded if it is your very first reply. +100

The policies of the SEED program are subject to change through prior notice. Please note that SEEDs earned may be taken away if the thread or reply is deleted.