The best way to extend your mobile content experience
onto the best quality screen and speakers


A Smart View enabled app provides a compelling multiscreen experience that connects mobile and TV or speakers.
The TV and speaker plays the requested content (displaying a public view of the app) that can be enjoyed by an audience.
Mobile devices display a private view for individuals or can be used to control the action on the Smart TV.
All devices are connected and can communicate with each other.

Smart View SDK

Samsung Smart View SDK enables any mobile, tablet or PC to connect and communicate with Samsung Smart TVs and wireless speakers to provide seamless, immersive and engaging second screen experiences across all content services.

By using the API, you can extend your mobile application experiences to the connected TV or speakers.
The SDK provides a flexible integration options; mobile APIs for Android and iOS, JavaScript APIs for web browsers, TV, and speakers.

Introducing Samsung ARTIK Cloud

Samsung Electronics announces the SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud™, an open data exchange platform designed to connect devices and applications. The SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud provides easy-to-use, open APIs and tools to securely collect, store, and act on any data from any connected device or cloud service. Using these APIs and tools, companies can quickly bring new Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and services to market, tap into new revenue streams, and grow their business. The SAMSUNG ARTIK Cloud is commercially available today with a tiered pricing model that developers can start using it for free at