Samsung’s eSIM Solution

Samsung Electronics announced the - "Samsung Gear S2 classic 3G" - as the first device in the market to be equipped with an eSIM compliant with GSMA Consumer Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) architecture.

Samsung's eSIM solution provides maximum interoperability for worldwide major SIM vendors, thereby freeing operators to choose any SIM vendor as a partner. Samsung's eSIM solution also fully secures the profile package during the eSIM profile installation procedure using temporary session keys to prevent risk of secret key leakage. The LPA integrated into Samsung devices is optimized to accelerate the profile processing, allowing a profile download and installation of less than a minute. Samsung plans to expand this eSIM solution to support upcoming 5G technology as well as IoT, including the smart car business.

Samsung has played an instrumental role in driving cross-industry collaboration among global operators and SIM vendors to implement a GSMA compliant eSIM on consumer devices. The company worked with many operators and SIM vendors who are participating GSMA RSP activity. This group has been working together to create a technical specification, which will allow users to download a mobile network operator’s profile to eSIM-powered companion devices.