Executive Summary

Advancements in mobile technology have transformed the communication, commerce, and financial industries and now mobile technology is set to revolutionize the future of health care. Innovation in the mobile health ecosystem is a multi-billion-dollar opportunity and has never been easier than now.

This paper talks about major adoption barriers in mobile health by categorizing them into consumer-oriented and provider-oriented barriers, finding commonalities, and highlighting the fact that barriers from each group can relate to one another with a feedback loop. We describe three key barriers that can be overcome through technology namely (1) data security and privacy, (2) device data integration, and (3) data-driven insights. On the latter, we advocate that the interplay of small data and big data analysis has beneficial value from a computational aspect and creates enhanced analytical insight to help build impactful engagement strategies.

We present Samsung’s S Health and Digital Health SDK to showcase how our technology platform can address and overcome above mentioned key barriers. In this regard, we outline how our platform empowers consumers and providers to consume and create meaningful mobile health experiences.

Lastly, we encourage the reader to think beyond and take health to the next level by introducing the notion of innovation synergy, a concept that encourages the combination and thoughtful integration of Samsung’s diverse technology ecosystem.


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