Remote Management

Remotely suspend, resume, and delete cards in Samsung Pay

Samsung’s Find My Mobile (FMM) service lets Samsung Pay users access their mobile devices remotely using a web-based service to suspend or delete cards in the Samsung Pay app at any time. If Samsung Pay is remotely locked using FMM — for example, after losing a device — access to Samsung Pay is disabled on the device and the corresponding tokens are suspended by the card networks. Once the device is found, users can restore Samsung Pay either by authenticating on the device or by resuming Samsung Pay through FMM. Suspended tokens can also be resumed this way.

Samsung Find My Mobile can be setup by associating a Samsung Account with the Samsung Pay app. To setup an account, visit

Card issuers can also manage tokens through the card networks. Changes are reflected in Samsung Pay on the user’s device. Similar to FMM controls, issuers can suspend or delete cards by suspending or deleting the corresponding tokens. Cards suspended by an issuer can only be restored by the issuer, while cards that have been deleted must be re-enrolled.