Executive Summary

As galaxy note, which created new area for smartphone, series has emerged, S-Pen have been spotlighted. The S-pen is known as one of the most powerful competitive tools amongst galaxy note series with its function called ‘digitizer’ which is made out of metal material that detect the change of electromagnetic field to be able to type precise input which fingers cannot express.

With new models being launched every year, not only S-pen provided designs, but it also provided materials, software, and several of other changes beyond previous products and contributed in making new history of note galaxy series.

Previously, stylus pen played a limited role in the area of pointing and writing. Therefore, in order to apply more functions, we have composed 3 categories: view, capture, and multi-tasking and started to concentrate in development.

As new galaxy note have been launched every year, there were improvements in each function both technically and functionally.

From Air View which enables to look at preview of items and its detailed information to Air Button which enables to select hidden menu, magnify was applied.

Capture was further developed from easy clip and screen of Note2 and based on the Scrapbooker, Scroll capture, Smart select, OCR was applied and became enabled to recognize the captured text of image.

Multi-tasking was developed with Pen Window function which can operate multi-window with Spen conveniently. Not only that, translate function which helps to translate was added as well.

Likewise, continuous research and development is being made for variety use in accordance with the development of S-pen.