Design your app for Samsung Smart TV

Since TV isn't a device that you hold or touch directly, it provides a user experience that differs completely from that of other familiar devices, such as mobile devices or computers. Users will experience something new while using their TVs. Here are some guidelines to understand how your app is presented on TV and make a user experience suitable for TV.

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Design - Design Principles

Design Principles

Keep the basic design principles in mind when designing a user experience suitable for TV Applications.

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Design - Input Methods

Input Methods

The primary input method for Samsung Smart TV is Smart Remote. Make sure your app gives expected button behavior.

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Design - Apps Screen

Apps Screen

TVs vary widely in size. Take extra care in designing your app so that it is easy to use and looks good.

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Design - UX Checklist

UX Checklist

Satisfy the basic criteria to have your app approved. Check the UX Checklist before registering your app to the Seller Office.

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This UX guide is written for Samsung Smart TV applications for 2015 TV model groups and later. For applications for 2012-2014 TV model groups, refer to the Samsung Legacy Platform.