The image viewer manager class which provides access to the image view API. This exposes the image viewing API to provide functionalities for showing images on the display.

Add the following line for imageview class into a html file your own :

  script type="text/javascript" src="$MANAGER_WIDGET/Common/webapi/1.0/webapis.js">/script>

You can declare imageview class like this :

  ex) var imageView = webapis.imageview;


EFFECT_INIT-1This identifier indicates an initial image transition effect.
EFFECT_FADE_1 0This identifier indicates a fade 1 image transition effect.
EFFECT_FADE_2 1This identifier indicates a fade 2 image transition effect.
EFFECT_BLIND 2This identifier indicates a blind image transition effect.
EFFECT_SPIRAL 3This identifier indicates a spiral image transition effect.
EFFECT_CHECKER 4This identifier indicates a checker image transition effect.
EFFECT_LINEAR 5This identifier indicates a linear image transition effect.
EFFECT_STAIRS 6This identifier indicates a stairs image transition effect.
EFFECT_WIPE 7This identifier indicates a wipe image transition effect.
EFFECT_RANDOM 8This identifier indicates a random image transition effect.
EFFECT_NORMAL 9This identifier indicates a normal image transition effect.
IMAGEVIEW_STATE_IDLE 0This identifier indicates ImageView is in idle state.
IMAGEVIEW_STATE_INITIALIZED 1This identifier indicates ImageView has been initialized.
IMAGEVIEW_STATE_PREPARED 3This identifier indicates ImageView is prepared to draw.
IMAGEVIEW_STATE_DRAWN 4This identifier indicates that drawing of an image is complete.
IMAGEVIEW_STATE_STOPPED 5This identifier indicates ImageView is stopped.



Gets the imageview object which renders an image file
  - Function
  - To be invoked if the operation is successfully 
■errorCallback (Optional)
  - Function
  - Function called when an error occurs
Emulator SupportY
SDK ConstraintNone
webapis.imageview.getImageView(successCB, errorCB);