This guide explains Samsung Apps TV Seller Office partnerships.

Samsung Apps TV Seller Office offers two types of memberships.

Public Seller

A public seller means a general account. When you first sign up on Samsung Apps TV Seller Office, you become a public seller automatically. Public sellers are permitted to use most features of Samsung Apps TV Seller Office except for some partner target services. Public seller applications can launch only in the US.

Partner Seller

A public seller becomes a partner seller through the approval process of Samsung's content manager. Under this process, the public seller has to have a partnership contract with Samsung HQ or Samsung local subsidiary according to Samsung Contents Manager’s guidelines.

To become a partner seller, you must sign an offline agreement with Samsung personnel first, then submit a partnership request online within the website. Once approved by contents manager, partner sellers can provide their services in other countries including the United States, as agreed in the manual contract.

For more details, refer to Partnership Request.


Same as seller types, there are two kinds of group membership in Samsung Apps TV Seller Office. Public group can became a partner group via the same process of becoming partner seller.