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    It is not mandatory. However you may be restricted from launching yours in Brazil and Korea without a rating certificate.

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    If the content is inappropriate for the selected ages, your application may be restricted to be launched on TV. If there are any content issues even after launch , the service may be stopped. Application must not contain any violent, pornographic content or abusive language.

    For more information, click Age Rating.


    The applications rated 18+ may not be served in Korea, Saudi Arabia, or the United Arab Emirates. In Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates your application might not be served due to local culture. If you want your application to be served in Brazil, a rating certification must be uploaded at the Seller Office.

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    You can chanage the seller information which is displayed on TV.

    Select the title of the application whose information you want to change at “Applications” > “App Management” menu, and click “Modify App Info” button.

    Once you edit the information, it will be reviewed by Samsung and the changes will be reflected after confirm.

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    If you want to change the screenshot order which is shown on TV device, please change the screenshot order of the application at the Seller Office. The order at TV is same as the order at the Seller Office.

    Select the title of the application whose screenshot order you want to change at "Applications” > “App Management” menu, click the “Modify App Info” button and change the screenshot oder.


    You can change the order of screenshots by drag & drop.

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    If you think there is no critical defects and the application will not hamper the functionality, you can release your application without any fixing.

    Click a defect on defect list, and resolve it by choosing “No need to fix” or “Won’t fix”. After then, request “Quick Release”.

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    Unfortunatly you are not available to change application icons while certification. Please make any changes once testing is completed.

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    Unfortunately you are not available to change any application information including serviced countries while your application is under certification.

    Please make any changes once testing is completed.

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    You can exclude any target model groups where to launch your application even during certification.

    To drop any target model group, select the application at “Applications” > “App Management” menu, and click "Drop" button.

    For more details, please refer to Application Certification.

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    The Seller Office allows you to add more model groups to let you expand the launch targets even during certification.

    To add more model groups, select the application at “Applications” > “App Management” menu and click "Request Add Model Group" button. After adding model groups, click the "Done" button.

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    On average, the entire launch process takes approximately 4 days.

    However, this is an average of all applications submitted to the Samsung Apps TV Seller Office, and it may be shorter or longer depending on the number of rounds performed in the certification process.

    Once the application is submitted, it is launched after passing the Document Review, Testing, and Defect Review steps.

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    If application registration process is completed, a certification process will begin for the application. Please wait while the application is certified by Samsung QA team.

    Once certification is completed, the certification result will be automatically sent to the seller’s email account.

    • If there are no defects, it will be released.
    • If any defects are found, please register the updated version after correct the application source files.

    For more details, click Application Certification.

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    If your application collects any user data, you should provide your privacy policy links while registering the application at the Seller Office.

    However the language chosen for privacy policy depends upon the service country. Korean privacy policy URL is mandatory only if your application is launched in Korea. For rest of the country, you may mention only English privacy policy URL.

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    According to the Seller Office policies, only partner groups are available to provide services in other countries than the United States.

    • If you already are in a partner group, and wish to change or add target countries, please consult your Contents Manager first before making any changes.


      If you are unavailable to reach out your Contents Manager, please submit a detailed request at *"Support"* > *“1:1 Q&A”* menu.

    • If you are a public seller, please sign an offline contract with Samsung Contents Manager first. To sign an offline contract, please submit your request with details at "Support" > “1:1 Q&A” menu. We will respond as soon as possible.

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    About the detailed icon specification, click App Icons and Screenshots.

    The icon file size should be under 300KB.

    Screenshots must be rectangular, with an image size of 1920x1080, and a file size under 500KB. You must register a total of 4 screenshots. If your application supports In-App Purchases, pricing information must be included. All image files must be in JPG format or PNG format with a transparent background.

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    Within a same group, you can use the same title with the other application which has already registered at the group .

    However an application title cannot be same with other group or other seller's application' title.

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    When you register any application, you should set a default language and enter app title and description for that language at the "Basic Information" registration step while registering the application.

    Optionally you may add other languages and enter app title and description by multiple languages.

    If Smart TV display language is selected to one of the languages that you entered app title and desription. the product information will be displayed in that language.

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    You can send an invitation to join your group. However the person who get your invitation needs to leave his/her current group to join your group at first.

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    Only group manager is permitted to edit group information.

    If you need to edit your group information as a group member, please contact your group manager.


    If you cannot reach out your group manager, or if he/she is no longer at your company, please submit a request about transfering group manager role with detailed information at “Support” > "1:1 Q&A" menu. The Seller Office Adminstrator will proceed the request.

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    Only group manger has the permission to remove group members from his group.

    To remove members, select the member to remove at the group member list, and click "Withdrawal" button. Group manager can view the group member list at “Membership” > “Group Management” menu.

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    Even you request to join a group, you will become a group member after your request is accepted by the group manager.

    Once the group manager accepts your request, you will be notified by email, and your group will be updated in the Seller Office.

    If you do not receive any approval notification after a reasonable period, please contact the group manager.

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    Only group managers are permitted to delete a group.

    To delete a group, please submit a request with detailed reason at "Support” > "1:1 Q&A" menu. The Seller Office Administrator will process your request quickly.


    The group that owns applications on serving currently cannot be deleted. Please terminate the applications, or transfer the ownership to another group before submitting your deletion request.

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    If you are a group member of any group currently, you are not permitted to join other group.

    Please withdraw your group membership from the current group using "Leave Group" menu under "Membership" > "Group Management" menu at first, the join another group.

    If you are a group manager currently, you cannot leave the group. Before leaving the group, you must become a group member. By transferring your manager role to another member, you can become a group member.

    To transfer group manager role to others, please use "Membership” > “Group Management” > “Transfer Manager Role” menu.

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    The member who first created a group becomes the group manager for the group automatically.

    However group manager role can be transferred to another member using "Transfer Manager Role" menu under “Membership” > “Group Management” menu. Only the current group manager can transfer the role to another member.

    • If you are a group member, please contact the current group manager to have the group manager role.
    • If you are the group manager, please transfer your role to other group member via "Transfer Manager Role" menu.

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    If the partnership request is rejected, it may be due to that it was delivered to incorrect Samsung Contents Manager or you have not signed a contract with Samsung yet.

    If you are a seller who has already signed a contract with Samsung, please submit the name or email of the Samsung Contents Manager in charge at ""Support"* > “1:1 Q&A” menu.

    If you are a seller who has not signed a contract with Samsung yet, but wish to provide your application through Samsung Smart TV, please submit the country where you wish to provide the service and your application information at “Support” > "1:1 Q&A". The Contents Manager in charge will then contact you.

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    If you want to be a partner, please request a partnership at the Seller Office.

    However an agreement with Samsung Content Manager must be signed in advance.

    Once you register the basic company information and the partnership request is approved by the Contents Manager, your company will become a partner group.


    Once approved by the Contents Manager, partner groups can provide services in all countries, including the United States.

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    To withdraw your account from the Seller Office, please use "Leave Group" menu.

    However, you are restricted to withdraw your Seller Office membership in the following cases.

    • If there is an unsettled balance for the apps you manage
    • If you are the group manager that manages applications currently

    Please refer to Withdrawing Membership.

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    The group manager and the group member who belongs to the same partner group can access same application.

    Please create a group and have multiple users join the group. You can manage your company’s application with colleagues by helping them join the group.

    Please refer to Group Management.

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    You can change the ownership of application into other members.

    However the member into whom you wish to transfer your ownership must be a Seller Office member.

    Please submit a detailed request using "Support" > "1:1 Q&A", including the previous owner ID, new owner ID and app ID. Your request will be handled after being reviewed by the Seller Office Administrator.

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    The Seller Office email account also serves as an ID and cannot be changed.

    However, you can change the Seller Office email account that owns an app by changing the app’s owner. The owner whom you wish to transfer ownership to must be a Seller Office member.

    Please submit a detailed request using "Support" > "1:1 Q&A", including the previous owner ID, new owner ID and app ID. Your request will be handled after being reviewed by the Seller Office Adminstrator.