Meet the Two Developer Day Events in Latin America - São Paulo, Bogotá
Events Feb 12, 2015
1. Samsung Developer Day 2014 in São Paulo (Brazil)

With the goal to bring developers and partners to learn about new technologies and platforms from Samsung services and new business opportunities, we´ve hosted the first Samsung Developer Day in Brazil. The event took place on May 30th and 31st, 2014, in one of the most iconic spots in São Paulo, the biggest city in the country, inside the Ibirapuera Park at the Bienal building, famous for receiving art and cultural events.

The first day was the Samsung Developer Day itself and had more than 300 participants, 21 speakers and almost 12 hours event. Our hostess was Ms. Bel Pesce a famous Brazilian MIT graduated entrepreneur.

The second day we hosted our Hackathon with 50 participants in 10 groups, that received a challenge to create a professional application for Samsung tablets in only 10 hours. The winning team was awarded with a Samsung S5 and presented an augmented reality app for architects.

2. Samsung Developer Day 2014 in Bogotá (Colombia)

Located in one of the most beautiful places in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, we held our last Samsung Developer Day of 2014 in state-of-the-art Hotel Radisson AR Salitre in December 3rd.

With more than 250 participants in the hotel and more than 3000 online guests via streaming we had more than 11 hours event and 15 speakers from Brazil, Mexico and Colombia talking about Samsung latest news and technologies. We´ve covered Tizen, Android, Smart TVs, Games and much more, even presented the Samsung Brazilian Game Studio: Blackriver Studios.

Guests were mesmerized with our newest Samsung Gear VR and its endless possibilities for applications; they were able to interact with our newest devices that weren´t even available in Colombian stores yet.

The event #SamsungDevDay was trend topic on Twitter during that day in Colombia, reaching millions of customers!

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